Thursday, May 1, 2008

Christian Home Business Principles & Christian Mentoring - Part 2

Friends we are held accountable as stewards for our business. Throughout the gospels as well as the rest of the Bible we are shown time and time again the principle of stewardship. We briefly discussed stewardship in your Christian Home Business in part one of this article series. Often I am asked what does stewardship involve. Stewardship is governed by the principle of how we handle the gifts, talents and provisions that the Lord has given us.
We can learn a lot about stewardship for your Christian Home Business in the parable taught be Jesus in Luke 19:12-27. Refer to the bible for the entire parable, I will paraphrase this portion of scripture.
The parable is that of a ruler who left to take control over another kingdom. While he was gone he left some business or property with ten different slaves to be stewards of his business while he was away. Upon his return he ordered that three of the slaves who had stewardship to be brought to him to show what they have done.
The first slave said, "Master, your mina has made 10 more." The master said well done because you have been faithful in little I give you authority over 10 cities." The second slave came before him and said, "Master, your mina has made 5 more." The master said, well done because you have faithful in little I give you authority over 5 cities."
The third slave said, "Master, here is your mina, I have hid it away because I was afraid of you." The master replied, "Take the mina from him and give it to the one who has ten minas. To him who has more will be given and to him who does not have even what he has will be taken."
Wow! This is a tough truth. We as Christians in our home business are given stewardship over our business, over our time we put into it, over our mentoring to our team and every aspect of it. What can we take from this parable?
We are held accountable for our relationships with our team, we are held accountable for our talents given by the Lord and we are held accountable for our possessions. The Truth is all these things are on loan from God. Growth in our home business and our lives is rooted in responsibility. What have you done to increase your personal and spiritual development? Have you evaluated the gifts and talents the Lord has given you?
Your Christian business will grow based upon your stewardship of your resources and talents. From the parable we can see that if God has called you into your business He will provide and increase for those that are being stewards according to His will. Please understand I am not talking about prosperity preaching or anything like that I am speaking biblical Truth that the Lord will bless you according to His will in accordance with scripture.
Joshua Valentine is top internet marketer and Christian business mentor. He works with Christian men and woman from around the world teaching them how to successfully market online while at the same time, remaining faithful to Gods Word. To learn more about Joshua Valentine and his team of Christian Home Business Mentors, visit Your Christian Mentor

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