Sunday, October 5, 2008

Adoption The Loving and Life Changing Option

My Son Ethan

Every year our family is blessed to participate in the National Life Chain, which is held on the first Sunday of October. This year marks the 21st year that the Life Chain has been held across the US and Canada. The Life Chain is a time to stand in humble reverence and prayer as we seek Gods grace on our nation and as we intercede in prayer on behalf of the children, (over 4000 a day) who are being killed by the hands of the abortionist. It is also a time to pray for healing for those who have had abortions. I encourage you to read more about the Milwaukee Area Life Chain and how you can be a part of this time of intercession.

Our Story

Our story starts on April 14, 2001, Kelly and I were married and looking forward to Gods Blessings of a family. A year into our marriage we still were not pregnant so we started to pray for God's wisdom and direction as to how our family would grow. Through prayer we were lead to believe that the Lord was going to grow our family through the wonderful blessings of adoption. We began to pray on a daily basis for our future child as well as for the birth mother of our child.

Three years later, going through the peaks and valleys of the adoption process , The Lord, through complete divine intervention brought our son Ethan into our lives.

Ethan's Story

Ethan was scheduled to be aborted, yes let me repeat that, my son Ethan was scheduled to be murdered at the hand of the abortionist. When it came to the scheduled execution, the birth father calls up the girlfriend (Ethan's birth mom) and said that he spent his money fixing his truck and that the murder would have to be rescheduled.

Here is where the grace of our Lord enters. Through an act of divine intervention the Lord somehow directed Ethan's birth mom to go to a pregnancy counseling center. During her time in discussion and counseling at this center she, Ethan's Birth mom, was made aware about the selfless and loving act of adoption. During this time she made the decision that she wanted to give Ethan LIFE and a family (Kelly and I) the most amazing gift. The odds were against her, those that loved her and initially wanted her to have an abortion were now turning on her because of her decision for adoption. That decision, the decision of life, to them was more apaulling than that of murder.

She was strong and she believed that this was her calling that she would give this little boy a chance to live, a chance to grow, a chance to love and a chance to be loved. This little boy, whom some in this world wanted to KILL, is our son Ethan. He is amazing, loving, energetic, passionate, caring, determined and strong.

It was through ONE person, intervening in the life of Ethan's birth mother, that changed his life as well as ours and the lives of our family. It is our prayer that this little glimpse of testimony can encourage you to stand for Truth, stand for Life and encourage others who are facing the pressures of this "warped" world. Encourage them that Life is Precious and that no matter WHAT ANYONE says, the developing child in her womb IS A BABY.

If you know a women who is facing this choice and is scared and confused please direct her to ECFA (Evangelical Child and Family Agency) and they can help point her to a local counseling center.

Soon I will release a website, that will prove beyond meaning that It's A Baby.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

A New Hallelujah By Michael W Smith

What a great new song by Michael W Smith . .